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Top 5 Coffee Shops in Valletta

It is not difficult to find a caffeine pit stop in Valletta. However here we list our top pick.

Caffe Cordina Caffe Cordina still holds its own as a destination in itself with its opulent interior and outside seating if you want to get a bit of sun. Republic Street/Piazza Regina

Prego For the retro enthusiasts nothing beats this small coffee shop that seems to have kept all its furniture since the 1960s. A good tranquilliser if you have had an overdose of Baroque. It is located minutes away from the museum of fine arts. South Street

Charles Grech For a more refined atmosphere, we recommend Charles Grech. Also an ideal place for an aperitif. Republic Street

Cafe Jubilee If you are looking for something casual and intimate, Caffe Jubilee offers just that. It seems that this place has been there forever, the music and all, takes you back to post-war Valletta! (And could easily feel like this is the ideal place where sailors off the ships would fall into.) St Lucia Street


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