Lucia Nova

Lucia Nova – No Hotel, is a Maltese house – historic, slightly worn at the edges, a little bit of the old mixed with the new. Distressed original walls preserved for their beauty, are combined with beautiful fabrics and contemporary design furniture and lamps.


Located in the old quarter of the town, where the windows and balconies are festooned with the day’s washing, hanging out like street decorations ready for a parade.

Lucia Nova is a place to inspire and stimulate; this is achieved both by the location and the interior design, giving guests a feeling of luxury in an old part of town full of surprises and beauty. This makes Valletta by far the most fascinating and interesting city life in the whole of Malta. The walls at Lucia Nova have been compared to ‘The Therapy Room’ in the award winning movie The King’s Speech.

Roof Terrace at Lucia Nova with Side-sea views

Maison La Vallette

Valletta Nobile

Lucia Nova

Corso Cotoner

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