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Lazy Days of Summer in Valletta

As cities empty and people flee heat waves in search of the relief of a brisk sea breeze, here at Valletta Suites, we are happy to be minutes away from the sea. As most European cities are located miles away from the nearest beaches, Valletta, Malta’s capital city, is in fact surrounded by the sea on either side of this small peninsula that juts out into the Mediterranean blue sea. All it takes is a short walk; with towels in hand and a borsalino panama for some shade, to find a spot on the seashore where you can meet up locals who go for a swim.

There are no huge beach resorts, at least for the time being, but the flat limestone shore and the clear waters  invites you for a dip. There are still no signs of chunky knitted wool in the boutiques and  Fall’s fashion season seems far away. We are still happily in the throws of the lazy, hazy days of summer. Flowing silhouettes in patterns, bright colours, and cool linens are still the order of the day. Let our Suites inspire you.

In the pictures: Views of the Grand Harbour in Valletta where swimming is possible.


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