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Malta Art Biennale 2024

Under the theme "White Sea Olive Groves," this event will explore key socio-political topics through temporary installations over the next three months, celebrating contemporary art.

Most exhibitions will be located in Valletta and the Three Cities, with an additional three in Victoria and Xagħra, Gozo. Ggantija, Fort St Angelo, and the National Library are notable heritage sites that will serve as the settings for installations for Malta’s inaugural biennale.

The Malta Biennale, also known as, will feature 80 artists from 23 countries showcasing diverse works spanning painting, drawing, installation, sculpture, and video.

Notable Maltese artists like Austin Camilleri, Norbert Attard, Trevor Borg, Romeo Roxman Gatt, and Martina Farrugia are part of the lineup.

This year's themes, inspired by Malta’s geography and history, focus on its colonial past, Mediterranean politics, piracy, and matriarchy, including "Can You Sea?: The Mediterranean as a political body," "Decolonising Malta: Polyphony Is Us," "The Counterpower of Piracy," and "The Matriarchive of the Mediterranean." aims to engage a diverse audience, using public spaces for captivating interventions, providing a gateway for the public to explore the array of works and discussions, as expressed by Sofia Baldi Pighi, the artistic director.

A biennale, from the Italian for ‘biennial,’ is a major art exhibition held every two years, famously associated with the Venice Biennale since 1895.


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