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Villa Luginsland - Luginsland of Art

Villa Luginsland in Rabat, just a 10 minute walk from Mdina, is an architectural treasure in Malta, is undergoing restoration to its former glory and will soon become a cultural center named LuginsLand of Art, thanks to the efforts of Omenaa Mensah, a Polish philanthropist, art enthusiast, historical building preservationist, and CEO of the OmenaArt Foundation.

Situated in Rabat, Malta, Villa Luginsland was originally built by Baron Maximilian Tucher von Simmelsdorf in the 19th century and has a rich history of hosting notable figures such as Queen Victoria and Wilhelm II. The restoration project, led by a team of international experts, aims to honor the villa's heritage and beauty through meticulous attention to detail and use of cutting-edge technology.

Once completed, LuginsLand of Art will serve as a hub for artistic events, exhibitions, and cultural exchanges. The inaugural exhibition, 'Space & Time,' curated by Boris Kudlička, will feature works by esteemed Maltese and Polish artists, creating a dialogue between the villa's Neo-Renaissance architecture and contemporary art. With its blend of history and modernity, Villa Luginsland is set to shine as a beacon of cultural significance. Villa Luginsland is open for events/tours by registration on the official website.

Photos © Brian Grech for Luginsland of Art


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